Full Name: Oculae
Pronounced: AH-kyool-eye
Age: 25+
Birthday: 8/6
Pronouns: She/Her, He/Him
Location: A Certain Secret Cornfield, south of Chicago
Powers: Listening, advice, coding, crafting
Style: Eclectic, Funky, Colorful, Retro, Casual
Discord Tag: Oculae.exe#3894
Favorite Colors: Green and Purple

Hello! Thank you very much for your interest in this website, and in me!

I am but a humble eyeball, tired of my entire online presence being scattered over a half dozen websites and private servers that I have no ownership of. So, I did something about it! This site is the result. Here is my personal hub that will one day house everything I've made and care to share with the wider world. If I share it with you, it means I'm interested in talking about it! Feedback, comments, your undying love and affection, obtaining it all is the goal here...once I implement a comments section. For now, beam it in my direction and I'll try to absorb it!

Please note that while I keep this site pretty much at PG-13, I'm old(ish) and deal with mature shit in my life, so my characters face similar things in their stories. There's talk of sex, murder, and existential dread at times, as well as stuff people might find Problematique™️. I expect everyone here to be comfortable with potentially seeing 18+ content, so take care if you're lying about your age and see something you're not ready for, as it's your responsibility, or your parents', to keep you in safe spaces online. This is the internet, and I'm all for creative freedom on the internet, so I'm not going to (and can't, really) vet you for your age here...but that means it's on you to decide if you can handle what I have. You are always welcome to message me for content warnings, and I'll endeavor to mark anything that touches on sensitive topics ahead of time.

I plan to update this site irregularly, whenever I have the time, and my number 1 priority is getting all these site sections done, one little baby step at a time! If there's anything here that you like, anything you want to yell at me about, or if you're just interested in a friendly chat, you can get in contact with me using any of the links below.

Where to Find Me!