A Letter to Pache

Pache -

I hope this letter finds you safely. I am writing to apologize, and to offer some explanation. After the events of the festival, I could not stay, so I have decided to depart for the country of Tantum with Anthony. My fr My traveling compa The others are with me as well. They are safe. I have purchased passage on a ship from Terra Bacci, departing tomorrow, and have been told the journey will be long. Should you wish to send a response, it would be best to forward it to Port Ante.

The events of the festival were messy, badly planned and badly handled. I am sorry that it happened the way it did. No victory can ever be easy, but this was harder won than any other. Know that, if I could, I would have tried to find a better solution. I'm sorry that I failed to keep my promise.

As for my sudden departure, I made my choice for my own reasons. That, I will not apologize for. But I did not intend for the others to abandon Tra Laghi, or you, in an hour of need. For that, I am sorry. I hope that they will see sense before they continue to follow me, and turn back before it is too late. But perhaps that is for the best I'm of the opinion that I've done enough for the town, anyway.

If, however, you disagree, you need only ask. I shall help as I am able.

Wishing safety and good fortune.

- Frae

(on the back of the parchment, messily scrawled, as if written in a hurry)

Though I'm in no position to offer comfort…I have lost much in my time. If any of what has happened is a burden to you, know that what's done is done. The past cannot be rewritten, only made peace with. I find that making something out of the pain helps.

But if there are still memories to be honored, or ghosts to dispel, the best way to do so is to live. You are worthy of more than the bad hand the world has dealt you. Prove it. Fight for that worth. Those that truly matter in the end will understand your efforts.

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