Full Name: Zinnia
Pronounced: ZIH-knee-uh
Date of Acquisition: 5/19/23
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Provenance: Secondhand from Mandarake
Character Birthday: 4/1
Head Sculpt: Visuadoll Sora in Whitey - Blanc Makeup (modified)
Style: Funky, Retro, Colorful
Body Sculpt: Obitsu 50 in Whitey
Favorite Colors: Blue and green

Zinnia is an aspiring fashion designer and Poppy's best friend. Though her clothing is beautiful and well-made, she doesn't have a lot of confidence in her own designs, so Poppy's taken to modeling them for her and hyping her up, which annoys her (though it secretly gives her the warm fuzzies). She hopes to one day open a boutique in Harajuku, and is constantly working on improving her designs until she feels they're good enough to be worn on the streets.

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