Full Name: Verdigris
Pronounced: VURR-dih-gree
Date of Acquisition: 11/14/23
Gender: Dragon (She/Her)
Provenance: Direct from company
Character Birthday: 9/25
Head Sculpt: Whale Tower Rafayeh - Dark Green
Style: Metallic accessories - otherwise nude
Body Sculpt: Whale Tower Rafayeh - Dark Green
Favorite Color: Bronze, Gold, Silver, Red

A young brass dragon who has decided to adopt a certain doll collector with a love of eyeballs. She's very catlike, and enjoys traveling in her special carrier bag and observing the goings-on of daily life from a distance, while occasionally curling up for a nap or begging for a small fish as a treat. Despite her resting bitch face, she's kind, and remarkably patient - even if you deliberately annoy her, she's more likely to flick her ears at you and huff disapprovingly before resorting to anything further. Be warned, though - she does bite if provoked enough, and her needly little teeth are very sharp!

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