Miss Sonico

Full Name: Super Sonico
Pronounced: SOO-per Sah-NI-koh
Date of Acquisition: 05/09/22 (Head), 12/11/20 (Body)
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Provenance: Mandarake, Secondhand on FB
Character Birthday: 10/14
Head Sculpt: VMF50 Super Sonico (eyehole mod) - Whitey
Style: Casual, Cute, Frilly, Sparkly
Body Sculpt: Angel Philia H body with G bust - Whitey
Favorite Colors: Pink and Blue

If you've been into the anime scene for long enough, you've probably seen her - Super Sonico, the beloved Nitroplus mascot! Originally a custom Parabox head on an AP, I've since managed to get a head with an eye mod already done on it off of Mandarake! Normally she comes with her eyes painted on. Despite being an Angel Philia, Sonico usually prefers to be cute and frilly, only donning more risqué clothing for gravure shoots. She's become the mom friend of the group, doing her best to make everyone feel welcome!

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