Solemn Horizon

Full Name: Solemn Horizon
Pronounced: SOL-um hor-EYE-zun
Date of Acquisition: 10/27/21 (Head), 10/14/21 (Body)
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Provenance: Secondhand, different sellers
Character Birthday: 1/4
Head Sculpt: Smart Doll Eiji - Tea
Style: Casual, Fantasy, Far East, Punk
Body Sculpt: Smart Doll Girl with M Smooth bust - Tea
Favorite Colors: Green and Red

Solemn Horizon comes from the world of Final Fantasy XIV. She is a Roegadyn from the Far East, turned Imperial Conscript, turned sellsword. A woman of many talents and many secrets, she is mostly just looking to survive her day-to-day. She works closely with the archaeological group called the Sons of Saint Coinach, working with them to uncover the secrets of the ancient empire of Allag.

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