Full Name: Sable
Pronounced: SAY-buhl
Date of Acquisition: 9/1/21 (Head), 1/28/22 (Body)
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Provenance: Secondhand from Mandarake
Character Birthday: 5/23
Head Sculpt: Azone Pure Neemo XS - Normal
Style: Historical, Preppy, Steampunk, Formal
Body Sculpt: Obitsu 22 Boy - Flesh
Favorite Colors: Blue and green

Sable is the head of the Office of Records in the same fantasy setting that Eiran is from, carefully handling all of the official paperwork around the arrival and death of everyone in the city that they both live in. He is a powerful and talented mage, able to manipulate and read the inherent magical energy of anything, which he uses to peer into an object's past. Very helpful when he needs to determine what a long-weathered gravestone once said about its grave's occupant! When he's not working, he enjoys calligraphy, unwinding over a cup of tea, or chatting with Eiran...who he nurses a secret little crush on.

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