Full Name: Poppy
Pronounced: PAH-pee
Date of Acquisition: 1/26/21 (Head), 4/2/22 (body), 10/29/22 (paws), 1/25/23 (tail)
Provenance: Head and body direct from Parabox, bust secondhand, paws direct from artist, Dream Valley Tea head on tail from Denver Doll Emporium, Jeton for tail from Ebay
Head Sculpt: Obitsu Gretel47 - Whitey with cyclops mod, Dear Mine magnetic wings - White resin, painted black, permanently applied with epoxy putty
Body Sculpt: Parabox 40cm with Angel Philia H bust - Whitey, R*Bit Doll MDD Kemono Paws - Semiwhite, Black Jeton Tubing, Dream Valley Tea head - White, dyed Black
Character Birthday: 1/26
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Style: Colorful, Streetwear, Horror, Circus, Kawaii
Favorite Colors: Loves them all equally!

Poppy is a bubbly and energetic college student studying fashion...and also a monster girl. She loves funky patterns from the mod or disco eras, bright colors, and the street fashions of Harajuku. She's got a big personality and a big heart, and loves making friends wherever she goes.

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