Full Name: Olive
Pronounced: AH-lihv
Date of Acquisition: 6/6/20
Gender: Country Girl (She/Her)
Provenance: Secondhand
Character Birthday: 2/28
Head Sculpt: Obitsu Gretel47 - Whitey
Style: Casual, Cute, Cottagecore, Farm Chic, Mori
Body Sculpt: Obitsu 50 L bust - Whitey
Favorite Colors: Blue, Yellow

My very first vinyl doll! Olive is an adventurous young country girl who enjoys spending a lot of time outside. The more sun she gets, the more freckles she gets! She's been really into biking and fishing recently, but she likes trying all kinds of outdoorsy activies with anyone who will take her with them on one. She's everyone's cheerful big sister, cheering them all on and doing her best to be a good role model, even if she's younger than them!

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