Full Name: Meteion
Pronounced: MEE-tee-ahn
Date of Acquisition: 12/16/21 (Head), 5/18/23 (Body)
Gender: Birdie (She/her)
Provenance: Direct from Parabox (Head), Secondhand (Body)
Character Birthday: 12/3
Head Sculpt: Parabox May - Whitey - E Type Company Faceup (Birdie Luo wings added, ears removed, Tinyfox Neckpiece added)
Style: Cute, Kidcore, Lolita
Body Sculpt: Imomo 1/6 (Shins replaced with MDD Shoulders, Feet carved, legs painted, Polymer clay decorations added)
Favorite Colors: Blue and Red

Meteion is an artifical lifeform from the game Final Fantasy XIV, a little harpy girl created by the magical researcher Hermes from pure emotional energy. Because of her makeup, she is highly telepathic and empathic, able to communicate mentally with others and share in all of their feelings, good or bad. She was originally created to travel through space with her many identical sisters, seeking out all intelligent life in the universe to ask them what meaning they've found in their lives...this one, having come to Earth, has discovered that we still have no idea. So she's stuck around to enjoy Earthling life and help us discover what meaning we can. Despite her great power, she is still very young - she looks and acts like a child, and her favorite things in all the world are candy apples (though she cannot eat them, being artificial) and her dad, Hermes. All she wants to do is make him proud, and show him he's not alone in the world.

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