Full Name: Magnolia Miku
Pronounced: mag-NOHL-ee-uh MEE-koo
Date of Acquisition: 4/10/23 (head), 4/21/23 (body)
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Provenance: Secondhand from Mandarake (head), Secondhand from a friend (body)
Character Birthday: 3/20
Head Sculpt: Dollfie Dream DDH-06 in Flesh, Magical Ruby faceup (with faceup modifications)
Style: Cute, Casual
Body Sculpt: Dollfie Dream Body in Flesh, DDf3 Frame
Favorite Colors: Pink and white

Magnolia is Sakura Miku's American sister, bringing the joys of music and springtime to the world alongside her sister! Her favorite thing to do in the spring is watch the trees bloom, though there aren't as many cherry trees where she lives.

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