Klarenz and Klaud

Full Name: Klarenz Kosmon and Klaud Kosmon
Pronounced: CLAR-ens KAHZ-mon, CLAWED KAHZ-mon
Date of Acquisition: 3/11/22 (Klaud), 6/23/22 (Klarenz)
Gender: Tardigrade (He/Him for both)
Provenance: Secondhand
Character Birthday: 4/28 (Klaud), 11/3 (Klarenz)
Klarenz Sculpt: Tamikan Space Pet Tardigrade - Transparent Red
Style: Bedazzled, Opulent (Klaud); Southwestern, Casual (Klarenz)
Klaud Sculpt: Tamikan Space Pet Tardigrade - Glow in the Dark Blue
Favorite Colors: Blue (Klarenz), Red (Klaud)

Klaud and Klarenz are a pair of brothers who came with their tiny sister, Karaway, to Great Britain from a distant planet. Whan their caretaker could no longer provide for them, I adopted them! They are travelers at heart and love venturing out into the world to see what sorts of places and people are out there. When they return, they enjoy sharing stories of their travels with their sister, as she's too small to go with them right now. Klaud, the white one, is the more outgoing and ostentatious of the two and can glow in the dark, while Klarenz, the red one, is see-through and a little more down to earth.

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