Full Name: Io
Date of Acquisition: 10/6/21
Gender: Galaxy (She/Her)
Provenance: Secondhand
Character Birthday: 1/1
Head Sculpt: Dollfie Icon Lilac - (Iris, Pearly Glow)
Style: Casual, Cute, Preppy, Steampunk, Streetwear
Body Sculpt: Dollfie Icon with DDf3 Frame - (Iris vinyl with Pearly Glow, Iris frame)
Favorite Colors: White, Holographic

Io is a space elf, a being from a distant galaxy that has combined technology with ambient magic to become a space traveler. Quiet and reserved, she has come to Earth on an extended vacation, interested in learning about all of Earth's people and customs. She's taken a special liking to their fashion, and has amassed quite a collection of outfits...though all of them are white, clear, or holographic, her favorite colors.

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