Hanji Zoe

Full Name: Hanji Zoe
Pronounced: HAN-jee ZOH-ee
Date of Acquisition: 5/30/22 (Head), 6/1/22 (Body)
Gender: Genderqueer (She/They)
Provenance: Head direct from Quarantotto, Body pieces secondhand and direct from Parabox
Character Birthday: 9/5
Head Sculpt: Angel Philia Type G - Whitey
Style: Casual, Cute, Preppy, Steampunk, Streetwear
Body Sculpt: Parabox 50 Boy bust with widened armholes, Azone AZM3 torso, Angel Philia Type B arms, Obitsu 50 hands, legs, feet, and frame - all Whitey
Favorite Colors: Yellow

From the hit anime series Attack on Titan, Hanji Zoe was a brilliant member of the Survey Corps, known for her peculiar obsession with the monstrous Titans. Upon the death of the Survey Corps' prior commander, she was named as his successor...until she eventually died too. War sucks. She got isekai'd though, because Attack on Titan didn't deserve her, and now enjoys a carefree life in the world of Monster Hunter as a Guild-affiliated hunter...or at least, as carefree of a life as you can have in a world where all of your resources come from giant beasts.

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