Full Name: Feloya Felinius
Pronounced: Feh-LOY-uh Feh-LIN-ee-uhs
Date of Acquisition: 7/23/22 (Head), 7/26/22 (Body)
Gender: Kitty (She/Her)
Provenance: Secondhand
Character Birthday: 7/31
Head Sculpt: Pipos Raoh - Normal
Style: Fantasy, Goth, Witchy, Medieval
Body Sculpt: Dollfie Dream Sister - Flesh
Favorite Colors: Purple and Black

Feloya Felinius, Witch of the Black Sands, hails from a fantasy land far away. Like many cats, she is vain, stubborn, and convinced of her own perfection, but she has a sweet side to her that comes out to those who show her kindness anyway. She's a bit of a goth, if the myriad piercings and dark garb weren't hint enough, and she especially enjoys working the remains from her hunts (bones, feathers, and the like) into her magic. Her staff came from the last tree in her desert, struck down by lightning on the day she was born. She wanders the land now, looking for entertainment as the Black Sands was getting a little boring.

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