Full Name: Euphemia Themis
Pronounced: You-FEE-me-uh THEME-iss
Date of Acquisition: 8/28/20 (Head), 8/20/20 (Body)
Gender: Witch (She/Her)
Provenance: Head direct from Doll Chateau via Denver Doll Emporium, Body secondhand via Ebay
Character Birthday: 8/8
Head Sculpt: Doll Chateau Snowborn - White (blushed to match)
Style: Elegant, Witchy, Medieval, Fantasy
Body Sculpt: Obitsu 60cm Old-Style Body - Whitey
Favorite Colors: Pink and Blue

Euphemia is a Chaos Witch, a being who has once a person but has since become immortal after exposure to the knowledge of all of their alternate selves in other worlds. She has been alive for long enough to not remember how long she's been alive, and is immensely powerful. Despite her title and abilities, she is strictly a Lawful witch, following a strict moral code of her own making. So long as you are polite and do not cross her, you will not come to any harm. She may even grant you a boon if it amuses her. Fail to do so, however, and there is nothing anyone can do to help you anymore.

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