Full Name: Erato
Pronounced: EHR-uh-toe
Date of Acquisition: 5/27/21 (Head), 6/13/21 (Body)
Gender: Female (She/Her)
Provenance: Head Secondhand, Body direct from Parabox
Character Birthday: 2/14
Head Sculpt: Dollfie Dream DDH-01 - Flesh
Style: Cute, Sexy, Frilly, Kawaii
Body Sculpt: Obitsu 50 with Azone G bust - Flesh
Favorite Colors: Pink and Red

Erato is a Cupus, a member of a demon-like race that devote themselves to, and subsist on, whatever they personally find beautiful. Her domain is the beauty of rot, and she delights in all forms of decay, from rotten food, plants, or garbage, to relationships fading away over time. She doesn't like to commit to anything, so when she's not in pursuit of beauty she likes to mooch off of people for snacks, trinkets, or a bit of their free time. She's harmless, for a demon girl, but certainly annoying.

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