Eiran Friel

Full Name: Eiran Friel
Pronounced: EYE-rin FREEL
Date of Acquisition: 10/5/20 (Head), 11/1/21 (Body)
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Provenance: Secondhand, different sellers
Character Birthday: 3/25
Head Sculpt: Smart Doll Eiji - Milk
Style: Casual, Cute, Preppy, Steampunk, Streetwear
Body Sculpt: Dollfie Dream Sister Boy - Flesh
Favorite Colors: Blue and green
Eiran is an alchemist, tinkerer, and doctor from an original fantasy setting of mine. Gentle and sweet normally, he gets a little scary when he's focused on his work, and has a tendency to work himself to exhaustion. He is the closest equivalent to a street medic as you can get in his setting, with the mistrust of authority that you'd expect from being in that position for that long. Has an unnerving habit of smiling his way through any situation, no matter how tense or dangerous.

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