Full Name: Alice
Pronounced: AEL-iss
Date of Acquisition: 4/7/22 (Head), 4/16/22 (Body)
Gender: Robot (She/Her)
Provenance: Head Secondhand, Body via Mandarake
Character Birthday: 1/23
Head Sculpt: Dollzone Ji-Zero - Normal Pink
Style: Alice in Wonderland, Cyberpunk
Body Sculpt: Mini Dollfie Dream Mochi Ashi - Flesh
Favorite Colors: Blue and White

Alice is an android from an alien world, stranded on Earth for some unknown reason. She has the ability to time travel, though can only return to the current time upon the death of her body within the past or future. It's very traumatizing, so she very rarely does it, preferring to stay in the present where she can satisfy her curiosity for Earthlings and their lives in a safer environment.

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