Full Name: Absinthe Silverbell
Pronounced: AB-sinth SIL-ver-bell
Date of Acquisition: 1/16/20
Gender: Fae (She/Her)
Provenance: Direct from Company via Alice's Collections BJD
Character Birthday: 12/25
Head Sculpt: Island Doll No.1 (Alice) - Dark Tan
Style: Artistic, Avant Garde, Mori
Body Sculpt: Island Doll No.1 (Alice) - Dark Tan
Favorite Colors: Blue and green

Absinthe Silverbell is a fae creature from the Unseelie Court. Due to being born on Christmas Day, she is not as destructive or cruel as other Unseelie, preferring instead to play a wide variety of pranks. You can earn her favor with a bowl of fresh tropical fruit, or frighten her off with a bit of mistletoe. Despite everything, her favorite season is summer.

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