Full Name: Oculae "O" Wormwiggle
Pronounced: AH-kyu-lie OH WUHRM-wig-uhl
Age: 26
Birthday: 8/6
Species: Squirmle (Worm on a String)
Defining Features: Purple cat eye glasses, distinctive scarf
Gender: Whatever :) (They/Them)
Sexuality: Asexual Biromantic
Demeanor: Cheerful, Cautiously Optimistic, Quirky
Job: Programmer

O is my fursona! They're a funny, muppet-y little guy that started as a joke and morphed into a 'sona that demanded to be taken seriously. So I did.

While I am not open about being a furry (neither I nor O really fit any of the stereotypes), I admire the community's creativity and inclusivity and consider myself both a member of the community and someone who stands in solidarity with them. Furries are always welcome here!

O attained consciousness and sentience in the mid-1990s, after sitting too long on a dusty back shelf of the Chicago Field Museum's gift shop. They were quick to creep out of their packaging and begin to explore the museum proper, learning how to read, among numberous other things, from the placards and displays throughout the building. The constant reading gave O a bad case of nearsightedness, as well as an impressive collection of bug and plant facts.

They initially chose their name from listening to the museum patrons talking, adopting the O sound as their own, since it was their favorite. It was only after a trip to the anatomy section that they gained a deep appreciation for eyeballs in particular, which led to him expanding the name into something suitably eyeball-sounding. They still prefer to go by O, however.

Eventually, O had managed to explore the whole museum. Unsatisfied with what was available to the public, they snuck out into the museum archives, where they discovered their first computer. Squirming into this new device was an easy feat for a Squirmle, and with the power of the computer, they entered the world of cyberspace, where they've lived ever since, becoming a purely digital entity.

While they remained a Squirmle, they did take advantage of their new digital form to add some markings they liked, as well as finally grow some of those limbs they'd seen and envied on the museum patrons. And having grown a fondness for this little bit of self-expression, they were happy to add in a scarf accessory that they change up as they please, as well as a pair of funky glasses...ironic, given that digital entities don't need to worry about eyesight.

O spends most of their time surfing the web now, occasionally popping into Discord servers and social media to share some bug facts or look at art and memes. They're in the process of building a website now, in between all the surfing, just to have somewhere to really call home. Maybe one day it'll be complete!

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Abilities and Skills

  • Knows enough about programming and software troubleshooting to be dangerous, having lived on the web for so long.
  • Nearly endless facts about bugs, plants, and some animals. Not researched beyond reading about em in a museum though, so no guarantee on accuracy.
  • Able to shapeshift at will, as they are purely data on the web. Mostly uses this to change up how the scarf looks.
  • Gives off an air of trustworthiness and reliability, putting people at ease and giving them natural leadership skills.

Weaknesses and Flaws

  • Undiagnosed ADHD, and all the problems associated with it. Part of why they're all over the place.
  • Devotion to the bit - whenever possible, they like to make puns and goofs and keep things lighthearted...even when it's probably not a good idea.
  • Prone to doomscrolling.
  • Only knows how to express, and therefore feel, emotions at 100%. If they're happy, they're ecstatic. If something bad happens, they're miserable and mopey for hours.


  • Bright colors and repeating patterns
  • Handicrafts and homemade art
  • Japanese music, especially jazz. Soil and "Pimp" Sessions is a big favorite!
  • New and exciting knowledge about the natural world


  • Minimalism in design
  • Strong-tasting or bitter vegetables
  • Negativity and Hopelessness
  • Horses


  • Speaks with a very specific vocabulary - a mix of highly formal "big words" and completely informal vernacular.
  • Sometimes the eye markings on their back blink. They seem unaware of this.


  • O's favorite thing to do is sit on Minecraft for hours building a fancy base...until they get tired of it and abandon the whole game for months.
  • One of their favorite personal bits is "banana facts", where they tell you facts about bananas and get progressively more excited about it as they roll out more. How this is funny is unknown.
  • The only thing they like to collect more than facts is extremely bad jokes.