Full Name: Felicity Wyrmwiggle
Pronounced: fehl-ISS-it-ee WUHRM-wig-uhl
Age: 19
Birthday: 7/30
Species: Stout Halfling
Defining Features: Buck teeth, Giant fork
Gender: Female (She/her)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Cheerful, Aggressive, Hospitable
Job: Traveling chef, Monster hunter

Felicity Wyrmwiggle is a stout halfling from a prestigious family of chefs, an aspiring restauranteur, and a ranger specializing in the finding, tracking, slaying...and cooking...of monsters. The more exotic, the better. Though she's still new to her skills as a ranger, she hopes to one day become skilled enough to hunt a dragon and see if it tastes as delicious as she's heard in campfire tales. And once she's done that, she hopes to open her own flagship restaurant in the realm's capital, featuring dishes made from monsters that only storied adventurers may once have tasted.

With a little luck, a lot of know-how, and a heaping helping of Wyrmwiggle charm, she travels the realm seeking tales of dangerous beasts for her to hunt, adventuring parties interested in trading the monsters they kill for some home-cooked meals, and open marketplaces where she can peddle her newly-written recipe book, bundles of homemade monster jerky, and butcher charts for adventurers seeking to know the choice cuts of an owlbear for enough gold to keep her well-stocked on her travels. Though it may take time for monsters to be seen as gourmet instead of the stuff of nightmares, she's confident that the idea will catch on in time...and if not, she'll make it catch on, innovating the entire industry just as her ancestors did before her!

Until then, she's content to widen her culinary knowledge of the realm's monsters on her own, testing out recipes, seasonings, cooking styles, and martial techniques as she sees fit. And of course, leaving time for a good meal or two with her fellow adventurers and a few rounds on her harmonica, because if anyone understands the need for a good work-life balance, it's a halfling!

The Wyrmwiggles are a long and storied line of stout halflings, dwarves...and a few humans and gnomes for spice. Just about every single one of them was, or is, a restauranteur. Good food and hospitality is the specialty of the Wyrmwiggle line, and something they take great pride in.

Felicity's no exception - as the eldest daughter of the newest branch of the family, she's been trained since she was little on the fine art of fine cuisine, drawing inspiration from the culinary history of every part of the family that she can. And she's very good. Good enough that she's been selected by the family matriarch to be the bearer of the coveted family heirloom, The Fork of Good Eatin', supposedly stolen by the matriarch's great grandmother from a giantess, after she cooked her way out of being eaten herself.

Usually, being the bearer of the Fork is plenty for a Wyrmwiggle scion. Most would kill to come anywhere near that position - but Felicity did not get where she is by setting her sights on a single goal alone.

The Wyrmwiggles are a storied line of restaurateurs, yes, but their bravery and ruthlessness only ever extended to the world of business. The lands beyond their home were nothing they had an interest in, preferring to let "the big'uns" risk their skins to bring back the boars, rare produce, and spices that make up the foundation of their empire that they can't produce themselves. But from the beginning, Felicity's eye on the scarred and grizzled traders extended beyond the familiar - she eavesdropped on their tales of adventure whenever she could, smiling and goading them on, pulling extra waitress shifts when adventurers came to town, and taking copious notes alongside their orders. All were on the same thing - the monsters these people took down.

Unlike her many relations, Felicity paid attention not only to the success stories of her line, but the failures - and all failed for the same reason. Their food was good, but in large cities, halfling-owned inns and pubs were a dime a dozen. The Wyrmwiggles built their empire in the backwaters, raising the bar for fine cuisine everywhere the larger eateries wouldn't touch. But in the cultural centers of their world, good just wasn't good enough. Uniqueness was how you made a name for yourself, and Felicity saw and recognized just how interesting all these adventurers were. If she could join their ranks just long enough to make a name for herself, that'd give her restaurant some staying power...and if she was gonna risk her skin for a dream, she wasn't going to do it through half-measures. None of those adventurers mentioned anything about the monsters they took out, beyond how big and scary they were and what fancy swordwork it took to win the day. But the boar, most fearsome animal she'd ever met, was also high on the list of most delicious. The big'uns were leaving opportunity on the table, just like her family was!

And so, with the matriarch's blessing (okay, she didn't ask, but the fork clearly meant it was given, right?), Felicity set out from her family's restaurant with her fork, her wits, her savings, and every herb and spice she could get her hands on, determined to use her family heirloom as the spearing tool it was made to be and learn for herself just what the realm's monsters could add to its culinary traditions.




Abilities and Skills

  • Excellent chef, able to make not only edible, but delicious meals out of most ingredients and easily butcher most animals.
  • Some proficiency in magic, though she mostly uses it to conjure and store ingredients and flavor food.
  • Can identify, track, and slay a variety of different monsters using either her fork, a crossbow, or magic.
  • Easily uses her family's knack for hospitality to get along with, convince, or bargain with other people.

Weaknesses and Flaws

  • Her unchecked ambition often leads Felicity into danger when she doesn't need to be.
  • A bit of a perfectionist when it comes to food - she can easily spend hours cooking something, and will trash the whole thing if it doesn't meet her standards.
  • Felicity's a harsh critic who often speaks her mind and gets ruder around people she's comfortable with, a trait she got from her family.
  • Often forgets that not everyone has the stomach of a dwarf - she's frequently had to yoink dishes away from humans because she accidentally included an ingredient that's poisonous to them.


  • Dogs - the bigger and fluffier, the better!
  • Home-cooked meals, especially if they're comfort food.
  • New and exciting knowledge of a monster.
  • Jewelry, especially if it uses blue gems!


  • Not being taken seriously as an adventurer.
  • Most alcohols - not for the taste, but for their effects.
  • Picky eaters
  • Horses


  • Felicity has a heavy southern accent and sounds eerily like Sandy Cheeks from Spongebob.
  • When seasoning food, Felicity mumbles the names and measurements of each spice she uses...whether she's actually using them or simulating their flavors with magic.


  • Felicity likes to daydream about finding a handsome muscled hunk of a husband some day...preferably one much taller than she is.
  • She learned how to play the harmonica on her travels and likes to practice on her downtime.
  • She has a dried imp tail that she uses as a bracelet, a prize from her first hunt. Rather than eat the imp she caught, she traded its freedom for its magic, which is how she magically flavors food.